Welcome to Dr. Marti Peck’s Practice

When people come to see me for assistance, they are generally in a current state of distress. My approach is first to clarify what is troubling and to begin to identify its causes. Then, only after establishing a safe and collaborative working relationship, we can begin to understand the factors that have contributed to the present circumstances and to deepen our understanding of how these sources affect you. I would like to help you learn to solve problems in constructive ways so that you can grow and develop in ways that will lead you to use your fullest potential and live the most fulfilling life possible in your own unique circumstances.

In today’s managed care healthcare system environment, there are many obstacles to receiving the specialized psychological care that addresses who you uniquely are. You can often feel as if you are just a number, being rushed in and out without being really listened to. As a patient in my practice, you can schedule an appointment usually within a week. In our sessions it will be my goal to give you my undivided attention, treat you with compassion and respect and a nonjudgmental attitude. I want to help you feel valued, so when you contact me, you can expect me to respond promptly, usually the same day, and at least by the next business day.

I have been licensed as a Clinical Psychologist and in private practice in San Diego (Old Town) since 1991. and certified by the American Psychoanalytic Association in the subspecialty training of Adult Psychoanalysis since 2006.

3990 Old Town Ave, Suite B100
San Diego, CA 92110
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