Dr. Peck’s Approach


The following is an assessment to help determine whether a Psychoanalytic Therapist/Approach would be a beneficial treatment for you.

Most psychotherapists treat depression and anxiety disorders, but one factor that distinguishes one therapist from another is their philosophy of treatment. Different people benefit from different approaches to therapy.

A Psychoanalytic Approach is based on the observation that individuals are often unaware of many of the factors that determine their emotions and behavior. Treatment seeks to uncover unconscious motivations and find the past conflicts causing emotional problems in the present.

How can I tell if I would benefit from a psychoanalytic approach?

  1. Do you want your therapist to help you sort out your choices, but not give you advice and tell you what to do/not to do?
  1. Do people tell you you’re an “analytical” person? Do you value/appreciate examining situations from a lot of different perspectives, and like to carefully reflect on circumstances without feeling pressure to solve problems quickly?
  1. Do you see yourself and/or other people describe you as a “curious” person, who likes to ask yourself in different situations “How did this happen” (and often find you blame only yourself for the outcome)?
  1. Do you believe it is necessary to change the way you feel inside yourself in order to feel better about yourself and your life?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, perhaps Dr. Peck might be a compatible match for you and your personality type, with her Psychoanalytic orientation.

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