Sexual Abuse


Dr. Peck has had extensive training and clinical experience working with individuals who have experienced sexual abuse/assault as children and adults.

  • She is currently a provider of psychotherapy for adult victims of sexual abuse/assault for the State of California Victims of Crime Program.
  • She has worked with the County of San Diego’s Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Program, doing individual, couples, family and group therapy with families in which sexual molestation had occurred.
  • She worked as a consultant for three years at Children’s Therapeutic Communities, a residential treatment program for adolescent male sex offenders, providing individual, family and group psychotherapy.
  • She worked as a Rape Crisis Hotline volunteer for “Project Sister”, in San Bernadino County, California.

Adult victims of childhood molest and adult victims of sexual abuse/assault often present for treatment with symptoms of anxiety, depression, alcohol/drug abuse, eating disorders and other related conditions, which may be ways they have learned to cope with their sexual trauma.

Since Dr. Peck has clinical expertise in treating all these clinical issues, she understands that sexual trauma may be underlying these symptoms, and can address both the trauma of the abuse as well as these ways individuals have learned to manage the pain of the trauma.

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