Substance Abuse


Using drugs and/or alcohol are sometimes ways that individuals use to cope with their depression and anxiety. While it is a normal human tendency to want to avoid pain, and drugs/alcohol help to reduce these painful feelings, using substances to reduce pain can sometimes result in the unintended consequence of adding problems/pain to already existing pain. This pain can take the form of problems at work, conflicts with family members at home, driving while under the influence, resulting in arrests and legal involvement.

It is often difficult for the person who drinks and/or uses drugs to admit that their substance use is contributing to their difficulties at work or home, because on some level they believe that by doing so, they will see themselves or believe others will see them as “weak” or “bad” in some way. It is often because they feel so ashamed and guilty for what they are doing, and for their inability to stop, that they have a hard time asking for help.

Dr. Peck has received clinical training and experience in treating alcohol/drug abuse through her work at the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center, where she worked with individuals in Individual and Group therapy, to work through these painful feelings, and helped them learn other, less self-hurtful ways than using drugs/alcohol, to manage their pain. She is familiar with the 12 Step Program of treating addictions, as will as the self-support resources of A.A., Al-anon, and N.A., but works with each individual in a case-by-case basis to determine the most effective ways to address their own, unique life situation and circumstances and treatment needs.

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