What is unique about your approach to psychotherapy?

Different approaches to therapy work different ways for different people. Some treatment philosophies are called Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) (which emphasizes changing one’s conscious thoughts to change behavior), or Behavioral (which emphasizes changing one’s conscious behavior to change thoughts and feelings). A psychoanalytic/psychodynamic approach includes all of these emphases; in addition, its unique contribution is the belief that thoughts and feelings we are unaware of also influence us. In a psychoanalytic approach, we would examine together your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and understand how they interact with each other to result in the difficulties you are experiencing in your life. Through this process of mutual collaboration and reflection on patterns that will present themselves as we talk together, a goal will be achieved of gradually increasing your understanding and awareness of yourself, helping to allow positive change to occur in yourself, in your relationships and giving you a greater freedom to live the more fulfilled life you want to live.

Research has been conducted which indicates that compared to non-psychodynamic treatments such as CBT (in which benefits tend to decay over time, after therapy has ended), the benefits of psychodynamic therapy not only endure, but increase with time, following the end of treatment.

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